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Room Tour: Scarlett's Whimsical Hideaway.

Room Tour: Scarlett's Whimsical Hideaway.

A child's imagination is endless and so, so magical! Christina, a self-proclaimed visual storyteller and mama of two adorable girls, wanted to create a room that captured her daughter's love for the whimsical world around her and she really succeeded. We excited to share Scarlett's Whimsical Hideaway...

What inspired your room design?

My daughter's deep love for nature inspired her room design. I wanted her space to reflect the beautiful way she sees the world around her. She turns everything into pure magic.

Why did you choose your mobile? What does your child think of it?

I chose this mobile because it adds a touch of magic to her room and it ties the rest of the decor together perfectly. My daughter could spend forever looking up at it in wonder and l like to think it inspires magical dreams.

Can you tell us about a few of your favorite details in this room?

Besides our dreamy Baby Jives mobile, my favorite pieces are the unique wallpaper by Anewall, her bedside table lamp by Little Belle, her dusty pink canopy by Numero 74, and her little fairy by Dorimu Art. I think that this combination makes for a beautiful and whimsical design. The little details such as the fairy on the swing hanging over her fairy house lamp creates a scene that inspires imagination. 

Tell us one thing your child does right now that you want to remember forever...

Scarlett has the most amazing imagination and she creates the most beautiful games. One minute we will be just hanging out and the next we are fairies dancing around and searching for magical flowers. Her enthusiasm sucks you into her beautiful world and it makes life magical. 

What's something that has surprised you about being a parent?

The most surprising thing to me, besides the total lack of sleep, was how even though I was no longer living my life for myself, I was totally okay with that. Suddenly even my most basic needs came last and my life was no longer just mine but l was so happy and embraced it fully. It can be hard at times but I wouldn't have it any other way.


What is a quote or a saying or a phrase that comes to you often as you are parenting?

"When you start to feel like you can't do this, remember that you not only can do it but you ARE doing it. Soon these days will be your most cherished memories. '' 

I'm always looking for new books to share with my children. What are a few of your families' favorite?

We are book obsessed! It's so hard to narrow down just a few but if I had to choose, our top three favorites are:

1. If I Had a Little Dream by Nina Laden and Melissa Castrillon.

This is our very favorite right now. The story flows beautifully which makes it fun to read while holding the attention of my toddler. The illustrations are gorgeous and so detailed. Everyone needs this book as it's enjoyable to both children and adults!

2. Adventures with Barefoot Critters by Teagan White. 

This one is so cute! I used this book to teach Scarlett the ABCs and she loves the story. The illustrations are so adorable and whimsical. 

3. Ocean Meets Sky by The Fan Brothers.

This book takes you on the most magical adventure through the dream world of a little boy named Finn. It's so imaginative and breathtakingly beautiful. 


Room Tour Sources:

Luna Moth Mobile in gold + white by Baby Jives Co // Wallpaper by Anewall // Canopy by Numero 74 // Lamp by Little Bell // Swan by Sew Heart Felt // Swinging Fairy by Dorimu // Flower Garland by Mazziflowers

Photographs by Christina Loewen. Extended Room Tour on her site here.

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