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Room Tour: Baby Shaw's Mini Modern Nursery

Room Tour: Baby Shaw's Mini Modern Nursery

Rebekah Shaw, the soon-to-be mother of two, is all about living life intentionally through minimalistic, yet cozy spaces. Her goal: create a cute, functional mini nursery that fits perfectly into her master bedroom. Goal accomplished, Mama! Check out Baby Shaw's mini modern nursery...

What inspired your room design?

We strive to live as intentional as possible! Our nursery set up is actually a “mini nursery” in our master bedroom! We had a very similar set up for our son, who was in our room until the eve of his first birthday and it worked out perfectly for us!

Instead of setting baby up with a room he or she (we are waiting to find out!) possibly will not use for a few weeks or even months, we have incorporated the must have’s of a nursery into our master bedroom.

Our master bedroom is minimal, modern, but still very cozy! I can’t wait to climb into bed at night. We LOVE house plants, I believe we have a total of 8 in our master bedroom alone. Everything is very simple and calming, either white, gray or made of wood. Gold accents can be found via picture frames, wall hangs and of course our Baby Jives Mobile!

We have a gorgeous handmade Moses basket in a cradle next to our bed, however, we ended up co-sleeping with our oldest, so it may end up just being something pretty to look at!

Here is a breakdown of what you will find:

A large white dresser will be used as a changing table, plus house all of the babies cloth diapers, clothing, moccs, pacifiers, swaddles, and carriers. On top of the dresser, you will find a snake plant (did you know snake plants turn co2 into oxygen at night?!) A salt lamp, essential oil diffuser and of course an organic changing pad & cover.

A 7 peg coat rack to hang our Baby Jives Mobile, rings slings, diapers bags etc

A letter board, well for anything! Right now it says “Oh Baby” LOL

And last but not least a small round mirror, for those middle of the night feeding pep talks. Like “you’ve got this!”

Why did you choose your mobile?

The mobile that we chose is white and gold! With feathers, stars and a moon! I felt it was a timeless piece, that could grow with both of my children as they age and be something that will be saved for years to come!

Can you us about a few of your favorite details in this room?

Because our set up is more of a “mini nursery” the entire set up is one of my favorite parts of our home. I had a vision, and with a little handy work from my husband, we were able to bring it to life! I can’t wait to put it to use! 

Do you have a nightly routine for winding down?

I like to set myself up for success for the next morning (of course if I am exhausted I show myself a ton of grace) I make sure that the living room is tidy, and all of my son’s toys are put away. Double check to make sure the dishwasher is running, if it is “clean” I take a few minutes to empty it. Then I head to my bedroom, where I wash my face and change my clothes and climb into bed ASAP! I have found that I am most productive if I wake up between 5-530am and tackle all of my important tasks before my son wakes up!

What’s something that has surprised you about being a parent?

That motherhood doesn’t mean a joyless life. That being intentional with my time, my purchases and an alternative way of living, I have gotten more out of my motherhood and I am able to be present for their childhood.

What a quote or a saying or a phrase that comes to you often as you are parenting?

“Intentional living is not focused on deprivation, rather being a conscious consumer, voting with our dollars and focusing on the things that matter most.”

 I’m always looking for new books to share with my children. What are a few of your families’ favorites?

Chugga Chugga Poo-Poo

Have you posted your room and details for it elsewhere? 

Check out for more details!


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