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Tips for Taking The Best Monthly Milestone Photos

Tips for Taking The Best Monthly Milestone Photos

Are you ready to take a picture every month and remember when your baby was so little? Here’s a few tips to help you photograph your baby using a milestone swaddle:

1) Wash and iron the swaddle and fold it neatly and hang it in the closet so you don’t have to iron it every month! If you hate ironing then just wash your swaddle and take it out of the dryer when it's still a little damp and hang dry to finish.

2) Use clips or weights like books to hold down the edges because once your baby starts moving the swaddle will move too and may bunch up. For a soft and stable surface clip yours to a play mat or baby quilt with any clips you have - clothespins, chip clips, whatever you have on hand.

3) Photograph near a window using natural light in the morning or early afternoon and try to photograph at the same time of day every month - a time when your baby is happy and easy to photograph. And if things don't go well remember tomorrow is another day and no one will know you missed a day. Really!


Milestone Blanket Photo on Swan Milestone Blanket

Thank you to Boeun Kim Studio for these wonderful tips and photos of her sweet babe on our Swan Swaddle and Silver Milestone Number Set

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