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There are so many milestones to celebrate in your journey of motherhood.

I’m not talking about your baby’s milestones.

I’m talking about yours Mama, what’s taking place within. Each day/moment/milestone brings with it a new emotion, feeling or sensation—your motherhood journey matters because you matter, now and always, just as you are. 

Celebrating myself didn’t come naturally.

It was a learned skill, one I continue to develop even now. I was much happier to focus on my baby and their milestones at the time. Over the years, I’ve come to know just how essential to my wellbeing it is to celebrate myself in motherhood. 

An affirmation I come back to often is:

I am worth celebrating

So are you. 

I love celebrating with experiences. 

This year I chose to expand the experience to celebrate with mamas around the world by releasing a collection of digital guided journals for expectant and new mamas, called What’s Blooming for You? 

The first title in the collection is: 

Cultivating Patience Within Your First Nine Months of Motherhood, a 37-week Digital Guided Journal for New Mamas that unfolds over nine chapters. 

Patience has and continues to be my greatest lesson in motherhood, one I remind myself to cultivate daily. 

How about you?

Ready to reflect, record and celebrate your motherhood journey? Our new contributor Jenn Laforet is gifting you Chapter #1 in the What's Blooming for You?  journal.

Your gift is waiting here.


Jenn Laforet is a writer, mother and the founder of Write Current. With  words that matter, Jenn helps women reclaim their voice. She writes stories, guided journals and prints that connect with love and compassion. When she's not writing in her own journal  you can find Jenn exploring local flower markets and loving on her children and herself.

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