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Even Beyonce Gives Herself a Break...


This morning I did not get a shower. I have no makeup on. I pulled on the jeans I was wearing yesterday because they were still on the floor. I barely got to chug down my lukewarm coffee. I had to pull my screaming kid off me at preschool.

Yes, it was a typical day in motherhood.

How often do you think: I need a break. I want to be somewhere with no one to take care of except myself. How amazing would it be to give yourself that gift? The gift that puts you first? Are you ready to give yourself the best present ever this year?

Well you can. I am so excited to be announcing that this spring I will be traveling to Costa Rica to be part of a Moms Only Surf & Yoga Retreat put together by two amazing mamas who run the Tropic of Candycorn. This will have something for your body (surfing, yoga, beaches and sleep... lots of sleep), something for your soul (nightly chat sessions with me and other awesome mamas who know what it’s like to balance a family and everything else) and so much more.  Plus since I will be there with you as part of your posse I get to offer 10% off your package with the code JIVESMOMS10 for you and your friends!

So it's time to call up your best mama friends – you know the ones you text when you are hiding in the bathroom while the kids bang on the door on the days when you just can’t take it – and ask them to escape with you. Also I know May seems like it’s an eternity away (I'm counting down the days here!) so each person who signs up as part of my mama tribe will get the exclusive gold leafed Beyonce print and a luxe 2016 dreamer's feather I've created just for us. Just a little something to hang up as you get psyched for the trip of a lifetime to help you remember on those hard days that you can put yourself first!

The retreat is for mamas, mamas to be and even ladies who aren't mamas per say but who take care of everyone in their lives and just need a break and space is limited to 128 ladies and there are already quite a few gone (not a sale pitch, just the facts). So if you know you need this gift save a spot and the first 15 members of my posse get to use the code JIVESMOMS10 for your 10% off! You will not regret taking this time to replenish your well. I repeat, you will not regret it! And I bet you will come back loving life and your family that much more. Everything you need to know is here and if you have any questions email me and I’ll happily tell you how you are so worth it! 

I hope you'll join me because I would love to hang on a beach with you for a week and talk life, kids, business and whatever else comes up. So long as you don't ask me to get you a snack or wipe your nose. Well maybe I'll get you a snack ;)


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