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Design to Grow With

No one needs to tell you that having a baby is expensive. The minute that positive sign shows up, you start thinking about all the expenses to come - the birth, tiny clothes that get outgrown every few months, childcare, and of course, diapers (oh the diapers!). Once you start to register, you realize there are a lot of pieces of baby equipment out there that will only be used for a few short months, and by the time your blessing hits toddlerhood, you’ll be spending the money all over again on new items for that stage. Luckily, there are a few items out there that will transition along with your growing baby to fit your growing toddler - and even beyond!

Image courtesy Aleema Michal and Zoom Theory Photography

Infants sleep half or more of the day each day. A crib is the #1 piece of furniture that baby will (hopefully!) spend the most time utilizing, so it’s a great deal when you find a crib that converts to a toddler bed. Find one that is neutral in color, so as you and your child’s tastes evolve, the bed will too. Many cribs now transition to toddler beds with a simple kit, and there are several on the market that will also evolve into a twin/full size bed when the time comes. This is a great way to use the piece for several years.

Choose a crib that converts to a full bed and will grow with your child.
Cribs that convert to a full bed are a great way to grow with a child. Image by Kirsten Manick.

In the first year alone, you’ll change nearly 3,000 diapers. While something so often used may seem like something you’d want to dedicate to that act alone, eventually, your baby will be potty trained (I swear it'll happen). A separate changing table and dresser not only take up valuable space, but are completely unnecessary! Buy a dresser that fits the decor of your room, is neutral in color and design to match changing paint colors and trending decorations. There are dozens of changing pads that sit atop a dresser to use for diaper changes, and are easily removed after potty training, leaving the dresser to grow as the nursery evolves. Another very popular item is a toy box that doubles as a bench. These are often great space savers, and will continue to be useful long after your child can entertain themselves, and even after they enter school.

Invest in a changing table that doubles as a dresser with a removable diaper station as your babe grows. Image via Zoom Theory Photography

Decoration in the nursery is something you start thinking of long before your baby makes their debut. Kids often change their preferences as soon as they can speak - favoring foods, colors, cartoon characters, and anything else on which they are allowed to have an opinion. As you research decor, keep selections neutral and find key pieces that can grow with your child. That's the design philosophy behind Baby Jives Co - decor to grow up with your child long after the crib is gone. 

Our raincloud mobile is  an heirloom touch your child can have long after the crib is gone.

Once you’ve gotten the lucky positive test, it’s time to start thinking and planning. Take time to select things that work for you, and will continue to work for your growing tot!

For more ideas and inspiration, head to Modernize a great resource for home remodeling ideas and thanks to Gina Carlson for this guest post.

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