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Mom's Stuff Salve: Saturday's Small Business

A month ago I visited the desert for the first time and it did a total number on me. My skin was so dry that my excema flared up and by the second day I was being tortured by my itchy red hands. Then I met Zina of Mom's Stuff Salve and she gave me a little pot of magic. That night I applied the salve to my itchy red hands and the next day my skin was almost completely healed. I was pretty much in shock that something could work that fast but it did.

The secret to this magic salve is a combination of natural ingredients and herbs all known to have healing and protective qualities and most have antibacterial and antifungal properties. They are rich in vitamins and actually nourish the skin. It's like superfood for your skin and my skin has been so very happy since I found Mom's Stuff! Sewing and handling fabric all the time my hands get very dry so I keep a pot in my studio to help revive my hands during the day.


I've also used it on the kids for healing cuts, taming hair, and more. Gav got horrid chapped lips after licking his lips in our frigid winter temps and when I put Mom's Stuff on him at night he would wake up in the morning totally healed. I've also found Mom's Stuff is a great diaper balm for Elodie's tender bum. With beeswax it provides a natural barrier against moisture and locks in all the naturally healing properties. I really can't say enough good things about this salve and since it only uses natural ingredients I feel good using it anytime on anyone. I also love that it is produced in small batches by "Mom" aka Lee, Zina's Mom, in her little cabin in Utah, so using this supports another family's Small Business - total win!

Want to learn more about Mom's Stuff and find where to buy it. Visit their site here to learn all about it and purchase your own jar to start healing your skin today. Also this weekend only use the code BABYJIVES for 15% off your entire order at Mom's Stuff until 11:59pm PST 3/15/15.

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