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Wrapped in Nature: a little more about our Naturally Dyed Swaddle Lines

Wrapped in Nature: a little more about our Naturally Dyed Swaddle Lines

When your baby first comes into this world their skin is brand new and as every new parent knows that skin can be very sensitive. That's why our new line of organic cotton dyed swaddles are as natural as you can possibly get: they are dyed only with plants and elements from nature.

Indigo Dyed Swaddle

Natural indigo dye from plant to powder to fabric. Source: The Modern Natural Dyer.

Working with my friend Beth of Honest Alchemy a sustainable textile and accessory design company that uses 100% natural fibers and plant-based pigments we developed a palette of colors for the naturally dyed baby basics line that are 100% derived from nature. Here's a little peek into our process from swatches to the dye to the final swaddles. It's been a journey and I hope you'll appreciate and love these naturally dyed swaddles as much as we do.

Natural Dye Swatched from Honest Alchemy

It's amazing what nature can do, each of the swatches above are made with a mixture of different dyes derived from natural elements. We ended up with 4 signature colors for our baby basics collection.

Rose Swaddles: our rose swaddles derived from a mixture of the quebracho rojo tree found in Argentina and the roots of the madder plant  native to India. The subtle shift in how Beth mixes these created the final earthy rose that you see above on the left.

Charcoal Gray Swaddles: our charcoal gray swaddles were dyed using a mixture of pigment derived from the logwood tree a native of Central America mixed with iron and a touch of Myrobalan pigment which is made from the nuts of this tree grown in the Himalayas.

Sky Blue and Indigo Blue Swaddles: our sky blue and indigo blue swaddles are both from the indigo plant native to Asia which is harvested, dried and then used to create the indigo bath we then dip both these swaddles into to create the two hues as you can see below.

Indigo Vat Dyeing

We dye our organic cotton muslin swaddles in a small batches to achieve the color decided on in the testing phase. Each swaddle has subtle variations in the way the dye imbues the fabric with color to create a one of a kind palette every time for a swaddle as unique as your babe.

The resulting swaddles are beautiful natural hues in 100% organic cotton double gauze that are perfect for swaddling your baby, using as a breast feeding cover or even as a scarf for yourself. They are incredibly soft and will only get softer with each wash and with proper care will last for years to come.

You can find the full line of our new naturally dyed swaddles available on Friday 3/17/2017 at 10am EST and can browse our other swaddles created with natural dye now here.

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