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Sleep Lily Pure Start Non-Toxic Mattress Review: How to sleep happily ever after

Sleep Lily Pure Start Non-Toxic Mattress Review: How to sleep happily ever after

Ok, show of hands (well metaphorically): Who else obsesses about how your child sleeps? Once you have a child, how they sleep becomes everything. Honestly it even becomes more important than how you sleep  because let's be honest how they sleep is how you sleep! So isn't a bed, aka the place your child will spend almost half of their life, the most important thing in their space? Of course you want the best for your kids which means an organic mattress with zero chemicals or anything else that could harm them, right?! Ok, now let me introduce you to your new favorite company (with a big old discount below): Sleep Lily.

Sleep Lily Bed

When I was setting up for baby the one thing I really invested in was the bed. Both of my kids slept in the same crib made with solid wood and non toxic paint (because kids gnaw things!) with an organic crib mattress. When my son got older we moved him out of the crib and invested in this organic mattress which I feel good about because it doesn't have any harmful chemicals but truth be told it's rather firm and kind of uncomfortable. It's not a place I like to get stuck at night.

 When we were ready to give up the crib for our littlest, we discovered the Sleep Lily Pure Start Non-Toxic Organic Mattress and while it was more expensive than our other organic mattress IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY! It is the most comfortable mattress I have ever laid on. Elodie has been sleeping on this mattress for 2 months now and I have to say there have been a few nights when she snuck into my bed and I decided to just sneak into hers instead of putting her back there.

Sleep Lily Pure Start Mattress and a Discount

I'll be honest at a retail price of over $800 it was an investment but this is the mattress my child will spend every night on for the next 15+ years so if you break it down that way for only 16 cents a day I'm providing my child with the most important thing I possibly could: a healthy start and a toxin-free place to sleep. That my friends is PRICELESS.

 Need more? Here's what sold me: it’s made from just 3 simple & natural materials — with none of the flame retardants, VOCs and other harmful chemicals that many manufacturers use (even some so called "natural"mattress manufacturers). The Sleep Lily Pure Start Mattress is made with steel, organic cotton and puregrow wool. That's it. Read all the details here. Also it's handmade in California just for you. Seriously, they don't make it until you order it and when it arrived at our house, I unboxed it I smelled.... absolutely nothing. And look at that tufting - each button is a soft piece of felt and this mattress feels like sleeping on a cloud. Well at least what I imagine a cloud would feel like.

Sleep Lily Pure Start Non-Toxic Mattress Review

So here's the scoop if you are looking for an heirloom quality mattress for your baby, child or yourself (they make up to King Size) go get a Sleep Lily mattress today. It's worth it. Oh and here's the best part: right now just for my readers Sleep Lily is offering 15% off and free delivery in the US on all their items! Just use the code NONTOXICNEWYEAR at checkout and in 2-3 weeks you will get the best mattress you have ever had!

With that discount you can grab a crib mattress for only $280.50. Made just for your baby just when you order it. Or if your baby is ready for a big kid bed get their twin mattress for only $743. It will be the best investment you ever made.


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