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Room Tour: Cara's Minimal Boho Inspired Nursery

Room Tour: Cara's Minimal Boho Inspired Nursery

Having your little love nearby after months of having them with you always is definitely an easier transition and makes those late night feeding sessions easier too. Today's beautiful minimal boho nursery tour is a shared space put together by Lana Dimitruks for her daughter Cara.

What inspired your room design?

I always wanted a little nursery nook for the first half a year to a year so when I began planning the design I wanted it to fit in with our bedroom and all flow. Our bedroom is very light and bohemian style so I knew I wanted to keep that in play when shopping for the nursery. 


Why did you choose your mobile? What does your child think of it? 

I chose the luxe gold + ivory color fade raincloud mobile because it had such a crisp clean and sparkly feel to it, exactly the feel I was going for. I also wanted to choose something more simple not too colorful because I chose a few colorful baby blankets and I didn’t want it to clash. 


Can you us about a few of your favorite details in this room? 

A few of my favorite details of the room are definitely the macrame bassinet and the mobile hanging above. Such a light and airy feel makes the room feel clean but also cozy and pleasing to the eye. 


Do you have a nightly routine for winding down?

 Our nightly routine usually includes the boys coming in to hug and kiss their sister goodnight, then we swaddle and nursing in bed. She behinds to fall asleep as I burp her and turn on the sound machine and oil defuser and lay her down in her bassinet. 


Tell us one thing your child does right now that you want to remember forever…

 She’s so small right now that she doesn’t do much. But if I were to choose something it would be the way she smiles and smirks in the mornings when she sees my face as she’s waking up. 


What’s something that has surprised you about being a parent?

It’s my third baby so not much has surprised me with this baby but overall I’m surprised how much love and patience I have for my babies and how incredible the experience has been. 


What a quote or a saying or a phrase that comes to you often as you are parenting?

One of the quotes that I came across that really stuck with me when it comes to parenting is: Just remember they aren’t giving you a hard time, they are having a hard time. 


I’m always looking for new books to share with my children. What are a few of your families’ favorites?

One of my boy's favorite books is “Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus” by Mo Willems

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