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Hello Flo: Saturday's Small Business

With Mother's Day around the corner I've been thinking a lot about when I first became a mama and how there was soooo much I didn't expect. I took yoga classes to keep limber, I read books about how to have the ideal birth, I packed my bag full of things for labor but somehow I managed to not think about anything beyond the actual birth. See those sleepy new mom eyes? Yeah, I was totally unprepared for what came after my baby arrived!

That's why I love the New Mom Survival Kit from Hello Flo. It's an assortment of things that every new mom should be pampered by. Leaky boobs? Bamboobies has you covered so you won't soak your shirt. Sore bottom? Motherlove sitz bath spray was my salvation the second time around (when I knew better) Still bleeding? They've got a pack of Always Pads so you don't have to send your hubby out. Craving sweets? They've tucked in a Luna Bar and hard candies too.And my favorite part of the whole pack is the Get Ready Guide: Postpartum which candidly and humorously answers a few of the most important things that most new moms don't know - like why you may still be bleeding a month later and how 80% of us get the baby blues (like me... I got em bad and I had thought I was too "level headed" to get them, ha!)

The lady behind Hello Flo is Naama, a Brooklyn based mom of 2 whose mantra is we can't change biology, but we can make it more fun. HelloFlo provides information, products, and support women need to manage transitions, ya know like becoming a new mom. They also have a subscription service that sends everything you need once a month for those days when you see red - yeah they send chocolate too. As a new mom I would have loved this package and plan to send a care package to my sister when she has her baby this summer. Because if I can't be there to bring her a hot meal, at least I can send her some candy and save her husband a trip to pick up "lady things" for her at the pharmacy ;)


Want to order a package for yourself or a new mom in your life? You can use the code BABYJIVES5 for $5 off any purchase at until 6/30/15. You can also find our personalized mini MOM cloud here and just order "MOM" in the notes at checkout.

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