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Free Printable : Believe in All the Good Things

Yesterday I had something wonderful happen. A quilt that had been marked delivered by the Post and gone missing was delivered to my house anonymously, it just showed up in my mailbox while I put my daughter down for her nap. I heard a car pull up, the mailbox open and when I went downstairs to check what had been delivered I found the quilt. It was like having a wish come true, my own happy ending. Things are really just things, but I had been really sad because this quilt was made by a friend, Jen of LWPH Sews, using a small swatch of vintage fabric that I had inherited from my grandmother's quilting stash. A swatch leftover from a quilt my grandmother had made made for me as a child. I was sad to think it was lost because I was hoping to give this quilt to my daughter as an heirloom for her to treasure along with the quilt my grandmother had made. And when I found it I felt like I had received an amazing gift. So I made this painting and wanted to share it with you. So please feel free to download this and print it out for yourself - it will print up to 8x10. And let's all believe in all the good things.   believeinallthegoodthings_bw_webTo download click on image and then right click or control/click (on mac) and select save image as. To download click here.

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