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Turning 3 + 3 Success Secrets

This month Baby Jives Co turns 3! I can't believe the little company that I dreamed up during those sleepless first months of my son's life is still growing, thriving and innovating. It's hasn't always been easy building and running a company while also running after my kids but it has been amazingly rewarding. I always knew having kids would change my life, I just never knew it would help me find my path. I often get asked why I think Baby Jives Co has been so successful. Today I am going to reveal 3 secrets behind my success (since I am turning 3)....are you ready? CREATE WITH PASSION. I know you hear every success story tell you this and there is a reason. Because without passion behind your business there is no way that you will want to stay home while your family runs around at the park without you. There is no way you will stay up far too late working fueled by coffee (or in my case chocolate). Without passion you will most likely burn out and even with passion you will probably burn out BUT with passion there will always be embers to re-ignite that fire. BE ORIGINAL. If you want to gain notice in this very big world filled with amazing people you need to have a clear vision of who you are and what you are not. Look at the other people in your field who are successful and chances are they have a very unique vision. When I started Baby Jives Co I did so because when I was pregnant with my first child (whom we called Baby Jives) I searched all over for a mobile made without plastic or cartoonish figures. It was almost impossible to find one, so I made my own. Then when friends started asking about my mobile I made them one...well the rest is history. Now I start almost every design by looking at what is available out there and making something that isn't. No one can steal your originality, they may try but you will always have more ideas brewing in there because you are an innovator! SAY NO. Now this may seem strange but it goes along with being original. Sometimes people will ask you to do things that are not productive for your growth and your business. If you have a strong sense of who you are and what your vision for your company is then you will know what can help you grow and what will not. I am not saying you should turn down every request - some will help you make amazing steps in your growth - but if you have a clear idea of your path you can choose which opportunities are right for you. It's ok to say no, it makes more time for YES. Of course, there's much more to creating a successful business and I still have a lot to learn and a whole bunch of growing to do. But for now those are 3 things that are setting my path for me. I still can't believe that Baby Jives Co is 3 years old! I remember listing my first items for sale on Etsy 3 years ago. There were 5 items and they were photographed terribly but I knew if I didn't start somewhere I would never start. So I dove in, listed my items and 2 weeks later I got my first sale! I still remember the feeling as I got the email and how amazing it felt to know that someone out there (in Denver, CO) wanted something I made. 3 years later, I still get that same feeling anytime I ship out an order. Without that want, there would be no need for what I make. I am so grateful for all the people who help me follow my passion. Thank you for 3 wonderful years and I hope many more! To celebrate all month long I have organized giveaways. There will be a giveaway starting every Monday in August and will be announcements for all giveaways on my Facebook Page, so visit us and come join the fun!
Mar 26, 2014

Great advice + congratulations on 3 successful years!!

Mar 26, 2014

Congrats, Jahje! Here’s to the next 3 amazing years!

Faith | Ordinary Mommy Design
Mar 26, 2014

Thank You so much Jahje for sharing this wonderful insight! It reminds me to keep plugging along! Wishing you many more years of success!

Mar 26, 2014

Congratulation again Jahje, it has been pretty amazing witnessing your success. Once you have found what makes you special and different from other designer, I think the key is also to stick to what you do. You’ve done it very very well!!

Marie Maglaque
Mar 26, 2014

Congrats on your success! Happy 3rd Birthday, Baby Jives Co. :)

Priscilla of Gardenmis
Mar 26, 2014

Great tips! Thank you for sharing. I am soon venturing out into the business world as well. As a mom of a two-year old, I’m nervous, but with so many exciting changes in my life, I’m getting closer to starting. Your tips were helpful! Thank you. Feel free to visit my corner of the web: – take care!


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