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Dad deserves the best

Father's Day is fast approaching and in order to not get stuck holding out a bag of coffee bought around the corner (which is what I did last year, bad Mommy!) I am starting my shopping now.  As a maker of handmade objects I appreciate how much cooler the gift that doesn't exist in mass quantities on the shelf of your local superstore can be.  I always try to give a gift that is made by a small business when I can; I just have to plan for shipping time - although sites like Etsy do have the shop local search function which means I can search people near me and get things faster while also supporting my immediate local community.

I don't know about you but shopping for my guy can be hard.  He is not corporate so a tie doesn't appeal to him, he actually wears a t-shirt to work most days so a "dressy" t is one of my top options.   

DNA Tshirt by NonFiction Tees $18. via 20 Best Twenty
He does love his coffee too, so maybe instead of just a bag of beans from our local roaster, I will try this year to get him an awesome handmade mug this year as well. I love this little owl cup from Mie Kongo, it's like a little sculpture you get to drink out of.

Owl Cup by Mie Kongo $23.

Like many guys out there, he also likes his technology and we just got a brand new 13" MacBook so a handmade but manly sleeve might help protect it when it gets tossed into his messenger bag.  This option by Fern Fiddlehead has an understated elegance that I know would appeal to him.

13" Laptop Case by Fern Fiddlehead $24. via 20 Best Twenty
Anyway you cut it I know that this list of goods made by individual makers will have a much larger impact than anything I could order off of Amazon.   So I am making a choice and ordering soon to make sure that this year in addition to his handmade card he get a little something especially for him because Dad does work hard.  So what are you going to get your man this year?
Mar 26, 2014

What a nice idea! Thanks for including my laptop cover.


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