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A little home for here

I think it may be the fact that spring is finally here but somehow I am stuck on the idea of a nice neat house, which mine is NOT!  So I am embarking on a virtual spring cleaning - meaning I found nice things that I would love to bring into my home to impart a little more order into my chaos.  I don't have the time to clean up yet since I am getting ready for my booth at Art Star Craft Bazaar in 2 weeks but after the show maybe I will reward myself with a clean house and a new goodie to help keep me organized and comfy.  Here's a few of my ideas...

Wolf Den Coat Rack by Cantilever and Press $245

Animal Index by Charles and Marie, $27

Log Pile Cushion by Roddy and Ginger, $40

So now I need to go clean my house so I can get myself a nice little reward to spruce it back up again. 
Items found via 20 Best Twenty
Mar 26, 2014

Beautiful finds! :)


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