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Wowza, I am a Babble Top 50 Etsy Baby Shop!

So today I get to share some pretty awesome news with you: I have been selected as a Babble top 50 Etsy Baby Shop!  I am completely honored to be selected along with the other 50 talented Etsy sellers who create amazing handmade items for kids.  If you haven't seen it visit Babble and take a look at the Babble Top 50 Etsy Baby Shops. I have already found some wonderful folks that I didn't know about including the store Apericots where I bought a fantastically cute shirt for my little guy. 

Ps. this is why I did that photo shoot although I wish I had sent them a different shot - this one just seems a little smug...oh well, you know I'm just a big goof!
Mar 26, 2014

Hi Jajhe, I just discovered your blog and Etsy shop through Falls Flowers website. I'm a fallser (and blogger) myself. It's so nice to come across your creations!! I just had to post about them myself. I'll be sharing your Etsy site with my readers tomorrow morning… oh so adorable.


The Tiny Abode

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