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Holly Day Silhouette Ornament

When I was a penniless art student I started a holiday tradition with my family and friends. Each year I would create a handmade ornament for all the special people in my life as a way to celebrate and remember that year.  Now every year I love more than anything taking out those ornaments that I have created myself and collected from other artists over the years and decking out my tree with memories.

This year I am adding one more memory to my tree, a silhouette of our little guy - and I may not want to put this one away come January...or February...or March.  I've made one for our tree and then one for each of the grandparents because I know they'd love to hang one on their trees too.
Now go take a profile shot of someone special in your life and follow along with me to create a wonderful holiday memory....
Step 1.  Take a photograph of your someone special in profile and if you can include a little bit of their eyelashes it will be perfect.  Print it out - mine was approximately 3 inches tall - then glue your image down to a piece of black cardstock and use your exacto knife to cut around the image as shown above and then curve the bottom to finish.  You can remove the photo if you didn't use too much glue or simply flip the image over and use the other side to display.
Step 2. Cut an oval out of medium weight cardstock.  I actually used an empty breakfast bar box (which my son is addicted to, a memory for this year) but you could use decorative cardstock for something fancier.  
Step 3. Create your scalloped base for the ornament.  Lay your image and the oval you have cut out on a piece of cardstock and draw a scalloped edge around the oval.  I love the imperfection of a handmade edge - just go for it.  Then cut out the edge with an exacto blade.
Step 4.  You are almost done!  Glue down your profile to the oval and the oval edging (if you made one) then down to your scalloped base.  Now take a micro-hole punch and punch a hole in the center of each scallop.  Then choose a nice piece of ribbon, embroidery floss, or yarn (my choice) and weave it through.  Finally tie a knot in the top and you are ready to hang your new memory on your tree.
Enjoy, this is part of the Holly Day Blog Hop from Etsy Moms - leave a comment on this post and read below to find out how you can win a basket full of goodies from Etsy Moms!

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Mar 26, 2014

so cute!!

Mar 26, 2014

I love this!! This will be a fun project for me to do with my little girl. Thanks!

Heather and Miley Egley
Mar 26, 2014

I love this idea! Thanks for sharing. I will definitely be making two of these for my tree!

kate kate nyc
Mar 26, 2014

So sweet! Great idea!

AnnaVirginia Fashion
Mar 26, 2014

What a wonderful keepsake idea!

Mar 26, 2014

This is great! Thanks for the tutorial!

Mimi Marie Designs
Mar 26, 2014

Very sweet, and a nice keepsake.

Mar 26, 2014

What a great way to remember people! Thanks for the great idea!

Mar 26, 2014

What a great idea. I would love a long-lasting memory of my children on the tree.

Mar 26, 2014

sweet ornament!

Tautchia (at) LettingGoOfPerfect

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