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Happy Halloween - DIY little Engineer and his Train Costume

Since little man is obsessed with trains and really does engineer everything in our lives, we figured this costume was perfect for this year.  We even went to a Halloween parade last night and got our picture taken by a local newspaper - I guess DIY does stand out even with all the fancy costumes sold at Target nowadays.

It was a ridiculously easy DIY - all I had to make was a little red bandana (you could even buy one) and then we had the overalls, train hat and blue thermal. Then I drew out the engine and caboose onto a sheet of cardboard for Daddy to cut out and paint (since I was too busy with lots of orders this week), we punched some holes and strung it around our necks.  And voila - the train is ready to hit the tracks for collecting treats tonight.  Little man got an early start with a lollipop this morning.

And as an added bonus little man was already "driving" his trains around the house today, he got the engine and put it around his neck and then choo-chooed through our downstairs.  So he even has a new toy.

Happy Halloween Everyone!
Mar 26, 2014

so cute!!


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